Medical Products

Flow Sensors
The highest level of precision for your application. Life-support systems in intensive care and emergency medicine require products that are high quality in every detail.
SpiroQuant - the reliable alternative from EnviteC These sensors are known for their exceptional precision and reliability. EnviteC offers various types of hot wire (amperometric), differential pressure and semiconductor (chip) flow sensors.
EnviteC Flow sensors sets both quality and performance standards for precise measurements in:
  • Detection of leakage in respiratory organs
  • Detection of false ventilator settings
  • Monitoring of the ventilator and the ventilation
  • Adjustment of the tidal volume during respiratory therapy

The EnviteC product range includes Flow-Sensors for devices of leading manufacturers. Such as:
  • Hot wire - anemometry like SpiroQuant A+
  • Differential pressure Flow-Sensors like SpiroQuant H and SpiroQuant P
  • Chip-Flow-Sensors like SpiroQuant C.