Medical Products

MySign O
In all areas of patient care, sound decisions must be made on a regular basis, often under difficult conditions and typically under extreme time pressure. Such decisions are dependent on the fast and accurate monitoring of vital parameters.
MySign O is the ideal companion for patient care and monitoring!
MySign O is compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use. It offers the high precision required for anaesthesia and neonatal applications along with an uncompromising robustness for demanding rescue operations.
General clinical use The MySign O can be seamlessly integrated into all processes and procedures and limits servicing and maintenance to a minimum.
Neonatal and intensive care units The MySign O meets the stringent requirements for fast and reliable O2 values in all ventilation situations.
Emergency and rescue services As one of its basic features, the MySign O offers absolute reliability under the harshest conditions.
Home mechanical ventilation MySign O offers valuable support in analysis and patient-care for at home oxygen therapy.